Don't grow up.

Being an adult kind of sucks sometimes. Most of time, it seems. And maybe it feels that way to me, because I don’t think I’m very good at adulting. (It’s a word, I swear, regardless of what spell check tries to tell you. It’s even the title of a book.) I have felt stuck for the last several years, in some weird limbo-like state fueled by depression and terrible eating habits and laziness.

But things are starting to change. I’M changing, or growing, however you want to put it. I honestly think my mom kind of kicked things off for me, I think it was around Thanksgiving, though it doesn’t matter when exactly it was. She simply told me that things were going to be different for me this year, that they were going to get better. And, surprise, surprise, mom was right. Go ahead and gloat a little, Mama, I think you deserve it this time. 🙂

Me #adult #unicorn

At 27.5 years of age, I feel like I’m finally starting to become a adult. It’s happening slowly, but one step at a time, right?! My mum should be so proud! (Hey, at least it’s happening before I hit 30!) Major adulthood milestone recently achieved: I finally opened a savings account and set up regular deposits. I KNOW, go me! 10 POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR!

I was planning on a short, two-sentence post, and now it’s grown into this. Maybe it’s the start of a new phase of writing? I won’t say one way or another, their’s no reason for commitment. I think I’ll just go with the flow.


  1. holesinmysocks · April 22, 2015

    This reminds me of the day that my wife told me that she was pregnant…I immediately thought, “Oh my gosh…I’m going to be responsible for someone. I can’t even take care of myself…how am I going to do this?” That was seven years ago. And I stare at myself in the mirror and still can’t believe I’m an adult…my mind is definitely not mature, I still goof around all the time…and still watch cartoons, but at least I do it with my kid now…gives me an excuse. Never grow up!


    • sydneyday · April 22, 2015

      First off, thanks for reading & commenting! And that’s about how I feel, I can’t imagine being completely responsible for another human being at this point. Or living with another person. And I’ll never be a full-fledged, premium-level adult, but I at least feel more capable of navigating the adult world. 🙂

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      • holesinmysocks · April 22, 2015

        No problem, it was a great post…and very honest. That’s one thing i love about having a kid, it allows us to be a kid also. We play ridiculous made up games…we watch cartoons…we run around the house being loud. Crazy fun lol

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  2. 1950antlers · April 23, 2015

    you Know Syd somehow 27 to 30 seems like the time a big lightbulb comes on! I can remember that time for me as well, and now I am 65!! I can only tell you life gets better as I learned finally ” who the Boss of me” really is; and I thank God daily for His gift!! I love you to the moon and back and forever!! , Mom Mom

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  3. Holes in my socks · April 29, 2015

    Hi! Just a heads up…I nominated you for two awards. If you are interested, the post will be up in an hour.

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    • sydneyday · April 30, 2015

      What?! Thank you! I’m headed over to read it right now!

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      • Holes in my socks · April 30, 2015

        No problem! It’s a great way to network and meet new readers and introduce the blogs you follow…and you can post the awards on your page!


  4. sydneyday · April 30, 2015

    I love it! I can’t wait to check out the others you nominated. And I will absolutely post about it and pass it along 🙂


  5. Gloria England · July 29, 2015

    sometimes it just takes us awhile to be adults. hope this is an awesome year for you


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