About: the sydney project

I’m a 20-something amateur foodie, nerd, music lover, introvert… I currently live in Stillwater, OK (though that will soon change if all goes accordingly) with three dog-children: Buster, Duke, Ellie.


  1. virginia Wallace · March 28, 2013

    You, My first grand daughter are awesome!!! I love you to infinity and back!!! I also am very proud of who you are. I can’t wait to see where God does lead you and all of the great things in store for you!!! You have such a gentle sweet spirit and you have so much that you are giving to others right now! STUBBORN MY YES!!!! but determination is an asset!! I would not want you any other way!! A little mom , a little dad and a whole lot of SYDNEY…. I am very proud to say your are my grand daughter and I am forever your mommom!!! 🙂


    • sydneyday · March 29, 2013

      Thanks for making me cry at work Mommom :). Really, though, thank you! I love you too!!!!!!!!


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