Oh, so intricate.

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is my last day of food freedom – my vegetarian challenge kicks off tomorrow! I’m both excited and weary of it :).I’m trying to decide what to have for my “last meal” tonight. It’s goingto be very weird & interesting shopping for groceries tonight and not buying any meat/seafood/poultry.


By the way, it is definitely baby season! I have 3 baby showers coming up, two next week alone. This is not a complaint,by the way. I LOVE babies, and I love getting things together for baby showers. I’m particularly excited to put together my gift for one of my very best friends, Cynthia, and her little man, who is due to make his appearance in less than a month (and I can’t wait!!).


This is a busy weekend coming up. So much to do! One thing I have got to do is clean my carpets! With three dogs…well, you can imagine they need it. I’ve got cards to make, series one of Doctor Who to finish and The Dark Knight Rises to finally watch all the way thru (I know, I know! I’m a horrible nerd for this, don’t hate me)…just to name a few. Then Sunday is not only Easter, but it’s also the season finale of The Walking Dead, and therefore, Talking Dead (which makes me very sad), and it’s the season premiere of Game of Thrones (which makes me very happy). I’ve got American Gods, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and World War Z to finish…I need a longer weekend, please!


I’m not sure if I’m going to make it to my family’s for Easter (sorry family:(). If I do, it will only be Sunday, which will mean I will be in the car longer than I will actually be there. But we will see, I hate to miss it, especially since I didn’t even really see my dad’s side of the family at Christmas, either.

Anywho, I’ve gotta run & get back to work…and by work, I mean eat snacks and have a Easter egg hunt in the office, followed by (fingers crossed!) getting out early!

Happy Easter!!



  1. Susannah · March 30, 2013

    Doctor Who is AMAZING!!!!!! The hubby and I dressed up like The Doctor and Amy for Halloween this year. 🙂


    • sydneyday · March 30, 2013

      Thats so fun! I dont know why Ive waited so long to finally start watching, i must have been crazy :). Im excited to really get into it now!


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